HISTORY: December 11, 1945 was the organizational meeting which paved the way for the formation of our club. Our club was sponsored by the Knoxville Rotary Club and the charter night banquet was held on March 22,1946. (Click to learn more)

PROJECTS: We are committed to projects that enhance our community and the world in which we live.  We have risen to the challenge of our District Governor, Fred Heitman, and have planned at least one project for each month of the Rotary Year:

  • July – Contribute to Hunters for the Hungry Program (DONE!)
  • August – Soles for Souls – Wear Out Poverty with Gently Used Shoes (DONE!)
  • September – Golf Tournament at Centennial Golf Course to Raise Funds for Development of an OR Community Garden (Raised $2600)
  • October – Street Painting Festival to benefit Roane State Foundation (DONE!)
  • November –
    • Dental Services Project (DONE!)
    • Secret City Commemorative Walk Clean Up (DONE!)
  • December – Gatlingburg Fires Support Volunteers (IN PROGRESS)
  • January – Food Bank Support Project (DONE!)
  • February – Dictionary Project (IN PLANNING)
  • March – Contribute to the Solar Light Project in South Africa
  • April – Community Beautification Workday
  • May – Collect Soap and Shampoo – distribute to charity of our choice
  • June – Secret City Festival Project

We have several other projects that we will likely add to the list along with our District and Global Grants that are in progress.  Some current highlights are:

We currently have a Global Grant fto conduct a Medical and Education Mission in Ghana.  Dr Elaine Bunick of our club is leading this project.  Along with Adolf King, also a member of our club, and a small team of medical and support staff spent a couple of weeks in Ghana this summer to kick off the grant work.  In addition to conducting medical and eye clinics where they saw and treated some 1,800 patients, they also made huge strides towards getting the Ghana government officials and local Rotary Clubs on board and as a result, work to update the existing medical facility is progressing.  An Educational Global Grant is in the planning stages for the upcoming Rotary Year.

The Street Painting Festival, held annually, provides scholarships for Roane State Community College students.  This Festival is an exciting opportunity for artists to display their talents in chalk art, with awards given to the festival winners.  More than 60 artists participated in the 16th Oak Ridge Street Painting Festival last October, which raised over $12,000. Thanks to the all the Rotarians who were sponsors and volunteers. Knoxville Catholic High School received a first-place award and the People’s Choice Award.



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