RI Foundation

Making Your Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus Contributions

There are three ways to make one time or recurring transaction for the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.  We would like to encourage you to sign up through Rotary Direct to make your payments (number 2 and 3 below).  You can make a one-time payment or, better yet, sign up for annual recurring payments.  Save yourself the trouble of having to do it again.

(1)    Write a check to the Rotary Foundation, designating in the memo line how much is for the Foundation and how much is for Polio Plus.  You can mail your check to PO Box 4183, Oak Ridge, TN  37831.  Or you can give it to the Club treasurer at a meeting.

(2)   PREFERRED:  Complete a form and mail it or fax it to the Rotary Foundation.  The address and fax number is on the form.   Here is the link to that form:   http://www.rotaryor.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/RotaryDirectForm.pdf

(3)   PREFERRED:  Complete an online giving procedure.  If you have a MyRotary account on the Rotary International website, go to https://www.rotary.org/en/give.

If you do not have a MyRotary account, please sign up for one.  The process described in number (4) below.

Once you are on board with MyRotary, the link, https://www.rotary.org/en/give, will take you to the Rotary International website giving page.  You can proceed to enter your one-time or annual recurring payments to the RI Foundation and to Polio Plus.  The Club guideline is $100 to RI Foundation, $40 to Polio Plus, annually.  Or you can become a Paul Harris Society member with a contribution of $1000 per year to the RI Foundation.   The Foundation is a 501 3(c) charitable organization.  Your contributions are tax deductible.  RI Foundation will send you a receipt each calendar year to be used for your taxes.  So, you may want to reflect on what date you want your contributions to begin.  Consider what year you want the contribution to be a deduction for your taxes.  Also contributions made before the end of March will be counted in the Club’s calculations to receive certain awards at the annual district conference.

To update your existing recurring giving contributions, please email rotarydirect@rotary.org or call +1-866-976-8279.   For security reasons, changes to your credit card information should be made by phone.

(4)    One Time Setup for (3) above:   You must sign up for a MyRotary account for your Rotary International Foundation contribution to receive individual and Club credit for online giving.  If you are new to My Rotary, you will need to sign up.   You can go to the following website and register:  http://www.rotary.org/myrotary.   If you want a demonstration to be “walked through” the process, here is a 2-YouTube video that illustrates how you do that.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZmOV7IKuUk .  The video is three minutes long if your registration is uncomplicated.  The last two minutes tell you what to do if, for example, the email address you use to register is not the one they have down for you.  The club secretary does update emails regularly, so we hope you don’t run into this trouble.   Once successfully on MyRotary, anytime you access the Rotary International site, it automatically logs you into your MyRotary account.  It remembers your email and password.  Once signed up, return to number 3 above and make your contribution.