Club History

The committee which paved the way for the formation of the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge was composed of E. Frank Garratt (chairman) and Julian Morton of the sponsoring Knoxville Rotary Club, Colonel John S. Hodgson, Executive Officer of the U.S. Engineer Corps, and Clint N. Hernandez, a Rotarian from Yonkers, New York.

The organizational meeting was December 11, 1945.

Charter night banquet was March 22, 1946.

The charter members were S. W. Anderson, A. H. Blankenship, A. A. Carswell,
C. E. Center, Dr. Fred R. Conklin, S. T. Davis, A. H. Gossard, J. Hoyt Mason,
Frank F. Molteni, C. J. Ott, L. F. Overstreet, H. M. Sherrod, Earl B. Spencer,
Dr. M. D. Whitaker and Col. J. S. Hodgson.

Club Presidents through the years:
1945-1946Martin D. Whitaker1985-1986Truman Anderson
1946-1947Clark Center1986-1987Ralph Aurin
1947-1948L. D. Worrel1987-1988Keith Kahl
1948-1949T. E. Lane1988-1989John Haffey
1949-1950McKie Alexander1989-1990Dave Reichle
1950-1951Al Gossard1990-1991Chuck Frew
1951-1952Frank Wilson1991-1992Dave Mason
1952-1953Clarence Larson1992-1993Dean Waters
1953-1954Bill Bonnet1993-1994Nick Kaebnick
1954-1955Bill Hatfield1994-1995Chris Travaglini
1955-1956Tommy Clines1995-1996Fritz McDuffie
1956-1957Arthur Garrett1996-1997Jack Richard
1957-1958Harley Patterson1997-1998Ralph E. Best & Mark Denton
1958-1959Carl Martin1998-1999Sandra Richard
1959-1960Van Hamilton1999-2000Mark Denton
1960-1961Nick Shearon2000-2001Bill Martin
1961-1962Tom Dunigan2001-2002Ted Fox
1962-1963Don McKay2002-2003Larry Beeman
1963-1964Bill Sergeant2003-2004Tom Row
1964-1965Red Williams2004-2005Tom Hilton
1965-1966J. C. Kile Jr.2005-2006Fred Heitman
1966-1967Bill Hardy2006-2007Bonnie Clark
1967-1968J. D. Johnson2007-2008Bob Craig
1968-1969Berwyn Robinson2008-2009Devrin Kuipers
1969-1970Ben Adams2009-2010Jack Bailey, Jr.
1970-1971Ray Johnson2010-2011Barry Stephenson
1971-1972Joe Anderson2011-2012Nancy Stanley
1972-1973Alex Carabia2012-2013Mary Jane White
1973-1974Ancit Silvey2013-2014Mark Watson
1974-1975W. C. Kuykendall2014-2015Darrell Akins
1975-1976George Jasny2015-2016David Bradshaw
1976-1977Russ McCauley2016-2017Jenifer Campbell
1977-1978Dave Cope2017-2018Jeff Cheek
1978-1979George Evans2018-2019
1979-1980Joe Tittle2019-2020
1980-1981Herb Trammell
1981-1982Larry Studinger
1982-1983Fred Smith
1983-1984Gary Riser
1984-1985Charlie Whittle



Detailed History Files

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